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Saraswati Global School
Saraswati Global School
Branding, Space Design, Photography, Print Design, Events, Social Media, Videos
Branding, Print Design
Logos, Branding, Space Design, Print Design, Events, Social Media, Videos, Naming
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Little Columbus
Logos, Websites, Branding, Photography, Print Design, Events, Social Media
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Moksha yadav-Director, Moksha International School

“Team Saarthi has been very professional when its about meeting deadlines.”

Moksha yadav Director, Moksha International School

Moksha yadav-Director, Moksha International School

“Team Saarthi has been very professional when its about meeting deadlines.”

Moksha yadav Director, Moksha International School

Our Process

Step 01 Research + Ideation

1. Defining Brand Aspirations

Defining Brand aspirations is the first and most important step before delving into the branding part. By identifying what the institution aspires to achieve and represent, a clear brand narrative can be crafted. This process consists of 10-15 meetings where we thoroughly understand the preferences and aspirations of the stakeholders. These aspirations serve as a guiding light, influencing every aspect of branding, from the design of the school logo and website to the tone of communication and marketing strategies.

2. Competitive Analysis

After defining brand aspirations, our team conducts a competitive analysis, which is the next crucial step of the process, to understand the competition in the market. This involves examining how other educational institutions in the same market are positioning themselves and what branding strategies they employ. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of competitors' brands, we can identify opportunities for differentiation and innovation. This whole process is more of rejection than selection.

3. Ideation

Ideation in the branding process for schools is a creative and exploratory phase where we discuss and generate rough illustrations and design concepts to give life to the defined brand aspirations. This brainstorming stage is truly pivotal for visualizing which consists of how the school's identity can be translated into a compelling visual language. We explore a range of ideas, experimenting with different color palettes, typography, logos, and imagery to capture the essence of the brand visually and emotionally.

Step 02 Visual Language

1. Logo Design

Once we are done with plenty of options, we give 3 options to our school stakeholders to choose for the final look. The moment they pick one among three, we enthusiastically begin our process of finalizing one among them with some back-and-forth modifications. For Saarthi, it is not just a logo design but a brand identity creation, and when we say brand identity we mean a comprehensive brand identity that holds visuals, emotions, and tones of the brand.

2. Colours

As a practice, we keep the design options in black and white first and then put colours into them according to their personalities because every colour has its own dazzling personality that is apt for a specific brand and its aspirations. So, for our schools, we make sure the colours’ personality matches the aspirations of the school. In our branding practices, we try to keep only 2-3 colour combinations for any school brand for its effectiveness.

3. Font & Shapes

Similarly, fonts also have their personalities which have to be carefully aligned with brand aspirations. The choice of fonts can evoke professionalism or creativity, while shapes signify unity and community. The right combination creates a visually appealing and meaningful brand identity that resonates with the school community. So, once we analyse whether to choose Sans Serif or Serif fonts, we pick them accordingly.

Step 03 Emotional Branding

1. Brand Promise

Though this decision is in the hands of stakeholders, however, as the school's brand advocates, undergo a discussion with stakeholders to help them define the minimum brand promise that every student can receive every time. The best way to understand this is an example, just like the iPhone gives its customers a sense of security and pride of ownership, similarly, in the case of schools, quality academics is one and the most important promise that your school can give to every student. This brand promise can positively affect any school and make them come under the list of the nation's prestigious schools.

2. Brand Personality

In the context of branding for schools, brand personality is the essence of the institution's identity, reflecting its unique character and values. It is in our veins that we strive to personify the brand of our schools with any social figure for instance at times it can be an old man, who imparts wisdom and guidance or the spirited teenager in our home who radiates energy and optimism. This personification breathes life into the brand, making it relatable and fostering a sense of connection that goes beyond a mere logo or name, ultimately contributing to the school's reputation and success in the educational landscape.

3. Brand Tone

The brand tone embodies the voice and communication style that aligns with the chosen personality traits. For instance, if the school's personality is akin to a wise mentor, the tone may be authoritative, reassuring, and informative. Conversely, if the brand personality resembles a friendly teenager, the tone could be more casual, approachable, and relatable. Also, Saarthi ensures that the school's messaging effectively conveys its identity stays consistent across all social media platforms, and resonates with its intended audience, which creates a cohesive and authentic brand experience.

Important facts about School Branding

  • Color increases brand recognition by up to 80%.
    When it comes to branding, colours are as important as they are to painters. For instance, red may symbolize energy or passion, while blue might signify trust and reliability. Thus, understanding the colour theory and effectively using them in branding can be a powerful tool for companies and institutions looking to enhance their recognition and customer engagement.
    83% of shoppers prefer to buy from brands they trust.
    Similarly, the schools must keep establishing and maintaining trust as it is paramount for schools that seek to attract new and retain old parents.
    -Agility PR Solutions
  • A consistent brand presentation increases revenue by up to 33%.
    The emphasize on the power of brand consistency in instilling trust, enhancing brand recall, and ultimately driving more business, making the brand successful.
    59% of customers don’t return to a business because of poor branding.
    Effective branding is more than just a logo; it encompasses the overall image, messaging, and reputation of a business. When branding is inconsistent, unappealing, or doesn't align with customer expectations, it erodes trust and customer loyalty. This can cost you a lot.
  • Good branding can decrease hiring and training costs by up to 50%.
    As employees are already familiar with the brand's mission and values, take advantage of this. The resulting synergy between brand identity, employees, and customers not only fosters a cohesive work environment but also contributes to cost savings, making branding an essential asset in both customer engagement and human resource management.
    77% of marketing leaders say branding is critical to growth.
    Branding plays a vital role in shaping a school's success trajectory in the marketplace.

Brand Auditing
A brand audit for schools is a comprehensive evaluation of the institution's branding elements, strategies, and overall perception. It involves assessing key components such as the visual identity (logo, colours, typography), messaging (mission, values, taglines), online presence (website, social media), and offline materials (brochures, signage). Additionally, we examine how the brand is perceived by existing and prospective students, parents, and educators through surveys and feedback analysis. The goal is to ensure that the brand accurately reflects the school's values, goals, and personality while resonating with the target audience. A thorough brand audit helps identify areas for improvement, alignment, and consistency, ultimately guiding the school in strengthening its brand image, attracting prospective students, and fostering a positive reputation within the educational community.

Logo Design
The team Saarthi focuses on the school's visual identity, encapsulating its personality, values, and unique attributes in a single, iconic symbol. We believe a well-crafted school logo must be memorable, versatile, and timeless, reflecting the institution's commitment to education and its mission. The choice of colours, typography, and graphical elements should align with the brand's persona and resonate with every school’s target audience. A meticulously designed school logo not only makes a strong first impression but also reinforces brand recognition and instills a sense of trust and pride in the community. It becomes a symbol of excellence and serves as a visual ambassador, leaving a lasting mark on the institution's identity and reputation within the educational landscape.

Brand Guidelines
Every brand needs a brand manual, which has brand guidelines as one of its important parts. Brand guidelines in the absence of a brand manual are like a child without parents. It is undoubtedly an indispensable part of school branding, providing a set of dos and don’ts, rules, and standards that ensure a consistent and cohesive representation of the school's identity across all communications and touchpoints. These guidelines encompass elements like the school's logo usage, colour palette, typography, messaging tone, and visual style. For schools, brand guidelines are essential in maintaining a professional and unified brand image, whether in printed materials[flexes, billboards, etc.], websites, social media, or signage. They help staff, students, and partners adhere to a shared visual and verbal language, reinforcing the school's values and personality.

Brand Consulting
Now, brand creation is one part, and brand building is an ongoing process, it is all about unfolding the brand story at every touchpoint. For this a school needs Brand consultants to collaborate closely with schools to define and refine their brand personality, messaging, and visual elements, aligning them with the institution's values and goals. We as brand consultants conduct market research and competitor analysis to identify opportunities for differentiation and growth, ensuring that the school's unique qualities are highlighted. Moreover, brand consultants help develop a cohesive and comprehensive brand strategy, complete with guidelines for consistent implementation across all touchpoints. This strategic approach empowers schools to stand out in a crowded educational landscape, attract students and parents, and build a strong, credible brand that leaves a lasting impact on their community and beyond.

Design Services
Design services are an integral component of school branding, encompassing the creation of visually compelling and cohesive elements that convey the school's identity and values. These services encompass the creation and implementation of visual elements, ensuring that every aspect of the school's branding, from logos and colour schemes to typography and imagery, remains harmonious and aligned with the established brand personality. Moreover, covers a broad spectrum, including logo design, website development, marketing and promotional collaterals, signage, etc., and certifies to adhere to a consistent visual or design language. This uniformity not only builds brand recognition but also instills a sense of trust and reliability among students, parents, and educators. It reinforces the school's commitment to excellence and professionalism, making it stand out in a competitive educational landscape while fostering a lasting connection with its prospective students and parents.

Video + Photography
The ability of video and photography to provoke emotions, tell stories, and leave enduring impressions makes them essential branding tools for educational institutions. Through these videos and photos, we can create compelling designs for schools that can showcase their vibrant campus life, engaged student community, talented faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities. This beyond the shadow of a doubt plays a cardinal role in brand building process. This visual storytelling not only humanizes the institution but also communicates its values, ethos, and educational approach effectively. Moreover, in today's digital age, visual content is highly shareable and engages audiences on social media platforms, amplifying the school's reach and influence in a visually-driven online landscape. So, we do everything to align designs with your brand identity and make sure this alignment stays true to brand consistency as well.


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