Saraswati Global School

Saraswati Global School is located on the outskirts of Faridabad at Sec-105 Tigaon Road. It is run by Maheshwari Shiksha Samiti and has been active in imparting education for the last 40 years.

In the 2021-22 session, schools all over India reopened to offline mode after the lockdown during the pandemic, and so did Saraswati Global School. It was also that time of the year when parents actively looked out for the best schools in their vicinity. Like others, Saraswati Global School faced a downfall during the pandemic and yearned for new admissions. So, this period becomes crucial for them to attract such parents. They set their aim to get 200 admissions, which led us to a few challenges:

  • The school is located on the city's outskirts; however, their target was to attract parents and students from suburban and urban areas.
  • The school management needed to be more skeptical about financing online marketing as they were pensive about the pandemic and apprehensive about the waste of money. 

                                                                                                                                                                                        Solution – As we always work with a process that is before plunging directly into the market, we work on a strategy first. Similarly, in this case, we worked on strategy before delving into marketing. We strategize how to captivate suburban and urban parents for a school located on the outskirts through online mode in this period of the pandemic with the given budget. The total budget allocated to us for 3 months was 3 lakhs rupees for media buying (ads on Google and Facebook) to generate leads. Initially, the team spent the budget conscientiously and concluded that the Cost Per (quality) lead was approx. Rs. 700-800. Then, branding awareness campaigns were rolled out before the lead generation campaigns. After a few days/weeks of these running campaigns, the team again analysed and saw that the cost came down to Rs. 200-250 per lead. With this budget, our team handed over 1200+ leads to the school admission counsellor. 

The persistent efforts to generate leads and convert them into admissions proved successful. Through these marketing activities, we were able to attract 180 students from the desired areas. So, the significant entries came from online activity only, but approx. 10-15% of admissions came offline as well. Therefore, this is how the team Saarthi satiated the demands of Saraswati Global School.

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