Scholars Rosary is the best school in Rohtak, not one of the best but “The Best” as it is far beyond comparison with the second-best school in Rohtak. The school is located on Sonipat Road, Rohtak, Haryana. The Scholars Rosary comprises four schools i.e. Senior wing, Junior Wing, Imperial, and Blossoms. Collectively, the student’s strength is around 5000 as per the latest data. The school always provides a par excellent results in terms of academics.

As the founder of Saraswati Global School was highly impressed by our victorious endeavor to make them a successful brand. We got introduced by them to the Scholar Rosary team and our consultants approached them.

After a sequence of stopovers and observations we concluded the following challenges faced by the school:

  • In branding, this is a very common notion by experts that packaging cannot be done without a complete product. We have encountered such cases in which the product does not exist or is half made but the packaging is at the utmost which simply means successful branding is there without any complete product. But in the case of Scholars Rosary, the product was finely intact and existed while the branding was not at its peak. In this scenario also they were known in the city and didn’t want much of the business rather they wanted good branding. We were joyous to know that the products were placed just we have to do was a triumph over branding for them. In such cases when already the school is doing great branding at a high level is needed.
  • Another challenge, Until now we have worked with schools located in metropolitan cities while Scholars Rosary has tracked down at Rohtak a place distant from Metropolitan cities. Rohtak, they have a different texture they are not usually much open to branding and sudden changes in the brand. It was a risk changing everything when the brand is doing good. But in terms of us and our client, we were very sure that we wanted the school to have branches and its value should be spread beyond their boundaries and branding to be a prerequisite.
  • Also, there was a very unique challenge in the decision-making process, and convincing everyone was quite a task throughout.

Our associates underwent a series of pleading and yellings in brainstorming sessions and held visits in order to have depth in terms of understanding and surfaced the following solutions:

  • Our crew had a roundabout at all four sub-divisions of the school and the most common and clear realization we had was that they have a sense of belongingness. 
  • In the last 20 years, they have been magnificent in academics. Our bunch was convinced by the ethnicity so kept the branding credible and traditional and persisted in the authenticity and reliability associated with the school.  
  • The principal of the school wanted a new logo but wanted to retain some elements from the previous one. Keeping this in mind, we retained the flames symbol and the logo colors which are royal blue and yellow. We were glad that they were complimentary colors. Flames persisted as they gave an Indian touch and enlightenment of knowledge to the learners. 
  • We presented a few options for the logo designs as the decision-making is divided among 4-5 people it was challenging to convince all. It had several to and fro but finally, they came to a point and finalized. The new logo consisted of a shield that gave a sense of modernity and strength while flames gave a sense of ethnicity and enlightenment. 
  • In terms of the tagline, we gave the tagline “We are Scholars Rosary” and kept it consistent throughout the campaigns in order to bring a sense of belongingness. It worked and we plan to keep it consistent throughout.

The entire members were highly convinced by our approaches. Billboards and social media campaigns ran which were divided into two parts anticipation and unveiling of the logo which was the first of its kind in Rohtak. Ultimately, the school launched its finalized logo on 20th October 2022 the day when it completed its 20 glorious years which was a 3-day celebration, and on the 3rd day, there was the relaunch of the logo. This new perspective was highly welcomed by the audience of the city Rohtak and yet we the team of School Saarthi had a triumph over branding. 

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