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Our Process

1. Planning and Budgeting

Saarthi's approach begins with thorough planning and budgeting for any big or small event that a school wanted to organize. We collaborate closely with our school clients to understand their objectives, event goals, and desired outcomes. This initial consultation allows us to create a comprehensive event plan, outlining the event's scope, timeline, and minute key milestones. We then establish a detailed budget that considers all expenses, from space design to every bits of digital marketing. Our team is experienced in optimizing budgets to ensure cost-effectiveness without compromising the quality of the event. Throughout the planning and budgeting process, we maintain effective communication and open discussion with the school to ensure alignment of the event with its vision and priorities.

2. Execution

To make your school’s event successful, our team works day and night. Our goal is to execute seamless events that not only meet but exceed expectations while staying within the allocated budget, providing exceptional value for the school and its community. From space designing to coordinating with stakeholders and audiences to everything that takes to achieve the desired footfall and make the event a big success by giving them a memorable experience. Our on-site presence only guarantees that everything runs smoothly, allowing school staff and attendees to fully enjoy the occasion without any worries. Whether it's a school fair, graduation ceremony, or any other event, our commitment to excellence shines through in the seamless execution, leaving a lasting impression on students, parents, and the entire school community.

3. Conversion

After enjoying the success party of the event, we get back to work. The data of prospective students and parents which was collected during the school event, comes into the spotlight now, as the ultimate goal is to convert them into your school’s client. So, our team starts targeting them through various ways, which can be either WhatsApp marketing, Email marketing, or in some cases both. Through this comprehensive and compassionate approach, we guide prospective students and parents from initial interest to enrollment, forging lasting connections and solidifying the school's reputation as a welcoming and student-focused institution. The entire conversion journey ultimately resulted in a thriving school community enriched by the diverse perspectives and talents of its newest members.

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  • Saraswati Global School
  • VEGA
  • Grand Columbus International School
  • Kukdu Koo LIT FEST
Our Impact in Numbers

Our approach to conceptualizing school events is a creative and collaborative process that begins with a deep understanding of the school's objectives and vision. We work closely with the stakeholders of the school to identify the goals they want to achieve through the event, which is none other than marketing their schools and having maximum foot traffic on their school's main gate. Drawing on our expertise in event planning and design, we then brainstorm innovative ideas, themes, and concepts that align with these objectives. Our goal is to create a unique and engaging experience that not only resonates with the school's identity but also captivates the audience. We pay conscious attention to every detail, from event branding to program content and entertainment, ensuring that the concept reflects the school's values and leaves a lasting impression on attendees. Our creative approach to event conceptualization sets the stage for memorable and impactful school events that achieve their intended objectives.

Planning and budgeting
Planning and budgeting are the cornerstone of our approach to school events. The team commences by collaborating closely with our school clients to define the event's purpose, goals, and vision. This initial consultation provides the foundation for creating a comprehensive event plan, outlining the scope, logistics, and timeline. Simultaneously, we develop a detailed budget that considers every aspect, from venue rental and catering to decorations and entertainment. Our experienced team works diligently to optimize the budget, seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Regular communication with the school ensures that our plan and budget align with their priorities and expectations. We focus on how can our team execute a seamless event that not only meets but exceeds the school's objectives while providing exceptional value and a memorable experience for attendees. Throughout the planning and budgeting process, we maintain transparency, keeping the school well-informed about expenses and potential adjustments. Our aim is to deliver an exceptional event that not only meets the school's objectives but also provides exceptional value within the allocated budget.

Digital Marketing
Leveraging the power of digital platforms, we craft targeted marketing strategies tailored to each event's goals and audience. Our approach encompasses various digital channels, including social media, email marketing, website optimization, and online advertising. The creative team of copy and content writers creates compelling content that highlights the event's unique value proposition, utilizing engaging visuals and persuasive messaging to capture the audience's attention. Through the strategic use of social media platforms, we generate buzz and build anticipation through videos and posts and drive event registrations. Email marketing keeps stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the event journey. Our data-driven approach ensures that we can analyze the performance of our digital marketing efforts, allowing for real-time adjustments to optimize results and ensure the event's success. Digital marketing is a dynamic tool that not only boosts event attendance but also strengthens the school's online presence and engagement with its community.

Outdoor marketing
The most valuable asset for promoting school events and creating a strong physical presence within the community is outdoor marketing. We strategically utilize advertising channels such as billboards, banners, posters, and flyers to capture the attention of a broad audience for the event. Placing these materials strategically in high-traffic areas near the school and within the local community ensures maximum visibility. We also make use of geo-targeted advertising to reach specific local audiences effectively. Additionally, collaborating with local businesses and community organizations for cross-promotion enhances our outreach efforts, creating a network of support for the school's events. This combination of outdoor marketing efforts serves as a tangible reminder and generates excitement, encouraging attendance and participation while fostering a sense of connection between the school and its surrounding community. By blending traditional and digital approaches, we maximize the visibility and impact of our campaigns, ensuring that the school's events become highly anticipated and well-attended affairs that strengthen ties between the school and its local community.

Lead generation
School events can be powerful lead generation tools, attracting prospective students and parents who are keen to explore educational opportunities. By strategically promoting the event and showcasing the school's offerings, we can generate valuable leads. Following the successful execution of a school event, our dedicated efforts continue as we embark on the crucial journey of converting prospective students and parents into active members of the school community. The first step in this process is swift and thoughtful communication. We reach out to event attendees who have shown interest in the school's programs, capturing their enthusiasm while it's still fresh. Through personalized emails, phone calls, or even in-person meetings, we address their questions, provide additional information, and guide them through the admissions or enrollment process. Our approach is centered on building trust and rapport, ensuring that prospective families feel supported and valued every step of the way.


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