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After 10 years of experience, We know what works in the School Marketing

For some schools we bring admission enquiries to their counselor, and for a few we manage their Insta, Facebook and Youtube accounts.
Some clients call us to design new brands and for a few We’re their +1 team. Quite often we are busy designing school website, prospectus, brochure and newspaper ads.

Case Study

How we transformed Grand Columbus into a new age school.

With the entry of IT & MNCs, texture of the city was changing and demand for new age schools were on the rise. After many round of discussion new strategy was designed and rebranding was the first thing in our hand.

Case Study

Our strategy made clear market position for Sportyze pre-school.

The idea of Sportyze, Indirapuram, was unique and fit to fill the market gap. The only challenge was that it was difficult to reflect on which segment Sportyze is catering to. Moreover, visual identity addresses a more mature audience than kids, who were the target segment.

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