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Our Process

Step 01 Pre-Production

1. Brand Understanding

Before embarking on a video and photoshoot for schools, we work on understanding the brand. A thorough grasp of the school's unique identity and goals is essential to ensure that every visual element captured aligns with the brand's essence. The next crucial step is to establish clear and comprehensive guidelines, which should outline the visual aesthetics, messaging, and overall tone that align with the school's brand identity. Defining dos and don'ts becomes important to ensure that every aspect of the shoot adheres to the established brand standards. This includes specifying appropriate clothing, settings, and behaviors to maintain consistency in representing the school's image.

2. Shooting Script & Casting

By diligently following these guidelines we move further to craft a shooting script which involves outlining a detailed plan for the shoot, including the scenes to be captured, the sequence of shots, the needs of the props, and the requirement of any dialogue or voiceovers that must be aligned with the school calendar, also our team forecasts some events and incorporates those in the script. However, an equally important step is the casting process, which is also done in this stage of the process. where students, teachers, and staff members are selected collectively by our school team. The selected ones have to appear in the visuals.

3. Props Shopping

In our shooting script, we quantify the props which involves identifying the specific items required to create the desired visual elements and storytelling elements in alignment with the school's brand. Once the inventory is outlined, we demand the budget from our clients which our team will utilize intelligently on props shopping. Effective props shopping ensures that the shoot runs smoothly and that the resulting visuals effectively convey the school's identity and message, enhancing the overall impact of the project. But yes we would like you to know that this budget also includes our coffee and a few of us even like pizzas as well.

Step 02 Production

1. Indoor Photoshoot

On the day of the photoshoot, the team Saarthi divides and works accordingly with the photographer and videographer. For indoor photoshoots, we instruct them as per our shooting script, the photographer is asked to focus on capturing still and candid images that highlight the facial expressions and emotions of the students in detail, while the videographer records dynamic, moving visuals that bring the school's atmosphere to life. To achieve smooth, cinematic shots, equipment like gimbals may be employed to stabilize the camera and eliminate shaky footage.

2. Outdoor Photoshoot

During outdoor photoshoots within a school, our dedicated videographer and photographer place a special emphasis on showcasing the school's infrastructure and buildings using an array of sophisticated equipment like drones. The combination of talented professionals and advanced equipment ensures that the outdoor photoshoot effectively portrays the school's facilities like labs, halls, classrooms, sports, and academic infrastructure, as well as the school’s ambiance, making a lasting impression on all who see it.

3. Handover & Takeover

Following the conclusion of the photoshoot, an essential handover and takeover session ensues. The smooth transfer of the associated assets, props with their corresponding bills, and the remaining budget allocation. However, prior to bidding farewell to the school, we diligently gather all the raw data. This extensive collection includes photos, videos, clips, and any other visual content meticulously captured. Post Production, will be transformed into the final, polished materials for the school's branding and marketing purposes.

Step 03 Post-Production

1. Image Editing

Image editing is a critical phase following a photoshoot. During this process, our skilled editors carefully enhance and refine the captured images. This involves adjustments to elements like brightness, contrast, colour balance, and sharpness to ensure that each photograph accurately represents the school's environment and activities. By retouching to remove any imperfections or distractions, creating polished and professional visuals allows us to effectively showcase these pictures on social media platforms to convey the school's unique identity and create a lasting impact on the audience.

2. Video Editing

Post-production, our ingenious video editors enhance the video with effects, transitions, and music to create an emotionally resonant and visually appealing story that aligns with the school's brand and message. Additionally, video editing may involve adding text overlays or captions to convey important information or highlight key aspects of the school. These videos communicate the school's identity and activities, making it an impactful tool for engaging with the school community and attracting prospective students and parents through social media platforms.

3. Data Handover

After the creative process is complete. All the final videos and photos have been crafted to perfection by Saarth's creative designers and copywriter, our team ensures a seamless handover to the school. This entails delivering all the content promptly, typically in a well-organized digital format that is easy for the school to access and utilize. At the same time, we take diligent steps to remove any clutter or unnecessary data from our storage systems for optimal utilization of it while preserving the school's content securely and maintaining data privacy standards.

Important facts about Video & Photography

  • Only customized photoshoots can bring consistency to school branding and marketing.
    Personalization fosters authenticity and resonates more with the school community, including students, parents, and staff. Additionally, consistency in visuals across various platforms and materials comes and helps establish a strong and recognizable brand, ultimately enhancing the school's reputation, and building a sense of trust and loyalty among potential enrollees.
    -School Saarthi
    74% of marketers say that videos have given them a better ROI than when using static images.
    As videos can convey complex messages, showcase products, and build emotional connections.
  • 75% of Online Shoppers Rely on Product Photos When Deciding on a Potential Purchase.
    Photos can serve as a substitute for the physical shopping experience and contribute significantly to building trust and confidence.
    Stock photos can negatively impact your website’s search engine ranking.
    Stock images can never be as relevant to the website's content as actual photos of your community, and potentially confuse search engines and visitors alike. To improve search engine ranking, it's crucial to use original, contextually relevant images that enhance the user experience and contribute to better SEO.
    -School Saarthi
  • 83% of marketers say that the use of videos has generated more leads.
    Saarthi believes schools must increasingly rely on videos to capture and retain the attention of their target audience, as it is the best and smoothest way to talk about your schools and convey its motto. Leading to a higher rate of conversions and successful lead acquisition in today's highly visual and digitally-driven landscape.
    Articles with an image every 75 to 100 words received 200% more shares.
    The significance of incorporating images strategically to enhance content virality, reach, and overall effectiveness in digital marketing and content creation strategies.

School Saarthi offers a customized photoshoot to its clients. We work with photographers to capture the essence of each school's unique atmosphere, whether it's the vibrant energy of students in action, the architectural beauty of campus buildings, or the warmth of school events. We understand the significance of visuals in telling the school's story, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that every photograph aligns seamlessly with their branding and communication goals. Through our lens, we aim to preserve the memorable moments and distinct characteristics of each school, creating stunning images that leave a lasting impact on students, parents, staff, and the broader community. Our commitment to excellence in school photography is unwavering, and we're honoured to be entrusted with this pivotal task for our valued school clients.

We capture the essence of school life, from dynamic classroom interactions to spirited extracurricular activities, with a sharp focus on conveying the school's identity and values. We work closely with our clients to conceptualize and produce compelling videos that resonate with their audience, whether it's prospective students and parents or the wider community. Our dedication to delivering engaging, high-quality video content ensures that we bring the school's unique stories to life, leaving a lasting impression and fostering stronger connections between the school and its students, parents, and educators.

School Tour
Every school needs school tour visuals that can help them build a first impression in front of their prospective students and parents. No doubt left because Saarthi team understands that a school tour video is often the first glimpse a potential student or parent has into the institution, and it's a vital tool for making a compelling first impression. We ensure that the video not only showcases the physical infrastructure but also encapsulates the school's culture, values, and academic offerings, providing a comprehensive view and tour of what the school represents. So, we have a goal to create a compelling narrative that instills confidence and excitement in the viewer, ultimately driving engagement and interest in the school.

360-Degree Virtual Tour
The ingenious team of video and graphic designers at Saarthi is specialized in crafting 360-degree virtual tour videos tailored for schools. These innovative videos offer a dynamic and immersive experience, allowing viewers to explore the school's premises from the comfort of their own devices. The shots we captured during the photo shoot consist of high-quality, panoramic footage that showcases every nook and cranny of the school, from classrooms and laboratories to sports facilities and common areas. These virtual tours provide an engaging and interactive way for prospective students, parents, and even educators to gain a firsthand sense of the school's atmosphere and infrastructure. With our 360-degree virtual tour videos, we aim to bridge the geographical gap and provide a compelling, informative, and visually rich introduction to the school, fostering a deeper connection with potential stakeholders and making a lasting impression.

Image Editing
We have graphic designers and editors, who meticulously enhance and refine school photographs to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and consistency. Saarthi team understands the significance of visuals in conveying a school's message and brand identity. Therefore, we apply our expertise to adjust elements such as colour balance, brightness, contrast, and sharpness, while also retouching images when needed to eliminate imperfections and distractions. Our commitment to excellence in image editing helps schools create a compelling visual narrative that resonates with their audience, leaving a memorable and positive impression.

Video Editing
Our proficient team of editors transforms raw footage into compelling and polished videos that effectively convey the school's unique identity and messaging. We pay accurate attention to detail, ensuring that each video aligns seamlessly with the school's branding and communication goals. Whether it's editing promotional videos, event highlights, or educational content, we utilize creative techniques, cutting-edge software, and professional expertise to enhance the visual appeal and narrative strength of every video project. We are committed to delivering visually engaging, impactful, and cohesive videos that leave a lasting impression on the school's audience, fostering stronger connections and engagement with students, parents, staff, and the community.

Casting for school photoshoots is one of our specialized areas. So, our casting process is driven by a keen understanding of the school's ethos and values, ensuring that the individuals chosen not only represent diversity and inclusivity but also embody the qualities and characteristics that resonate with the school's identity. We work closely with our clients to identify the right students, teachers, and staff members who best align with the intended narrative of each photoshoot, be it for promotional materials, events, or other purposes. Our conscientious casting approach aims to capture authenticity and relatability in every shot, enabling us to create compelling, emotionally resonant, and visually appealing photographs that effectively communicate the school's message and brand to its stakeholders and the broader community.


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