KukDuKoo Literature Festival is popularly known by the name “KukDuKoo Lit Fest”. The first edition of KukDuKoo Lit Fest was held in the year 2019 and its target audience is specifically kids. The KukDuKoo team approached our agency for space designing, logo designing, advertisement creatives, social media designs, and branding.

The challenge was not proposed by our client but was taken by us, as we remain honest about our work and opinions. One of the founders of KukDuKoo Lit Fest was working as a marketing head at Vega Schools, Gurgaon. Vega Schools is also one of our clients. There they held the Gurgaon Literature Festival in 2017 and continued it in 2018 also. We worked for their literature festival and they were quite swayed by our work. After the success of that literature festival, they came up with the name Noida Children Literature Festival which was going to be held in 2019. Initially, they came to us for logo designing and not for naming. But, we as creative minds thought of the Noida Children Literature Festival as a very generic name and will not give any kind of unique or out-of-the-box appeal to their targeted audience. The cadre wanted something fresh and state-of-the-art. So, we thought to give them some magnetic name before designing their logo. 

The whole team of Saarthi brainstormed a lot and filtered several names. We wanted a name that could give the reflection of kids’ language, their expressions, and the fun-filled world that they create with their imaginative powers. Our vision was to make the name a household name, a name through which kids are completely enamored. There were three basic emotions behind naming the fest, waking up to the stories, interaction, and distinctiveness. And Saarthi was hooked on these emotions and dipped them into creativity. We suggested equally convincing names that will somehow make the fest the talk of the town. The team had faith in the name KukDuKoo. So, KukDuKoo was one of them, priorly they were not convinced by the same but after sequences of reasoning, they clinched the name “KukDuKoo”.

The first festival of KukDuKoo went very well. It was warmly welcomed by both hands by the natives especially natives of Noida and was very well subscribed. The name surely worked as a magnet and was highly appealing to children. The team of Saarthi along with the founders of KukDuKoo were happy to see how beautifully the name has catered to the emotions behind the journey and vision of this literature festival. The children were able to easily remember the name “KukDuKoo”. Now, whenever kids see the logo, they recognize it, and effortlessly say the name “KukDuKoo”. This conveyed how alluring and engaging it was for all ages from children to adults. We are very sure when you are reading this name it is easy in terms of remembering.

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