Vega Schools are a chain of co-educational, private K-12 schools in Gurgaon, Haryana state, India. The medium of instruction is in English and the CBSE & CCE core curriculum. 

Vega school is located in Badshahpur Sohna Rd Hwy Sector 48, Gurugram, Haryana. It is an extravagant school with a prime location at Sohna Road. The school has a dedicated marketing team of consisting around 5-10 members in it. This reflects that the school somehow prioritizes marketing which leads to positive and productive marketing of the school. This was one of a kind, as usual, schools do not inculcate a team for marketing purposes at maximum they hire 1-2 persons as marketing executives.

School Saarthi got introduced to Vega Schools through one of the marketing heads of Kunskapsskolan who had switched to Vega schools. 


  • From the very beginning, Vega Schools' marketing was “the most innovative school in Gurgaon”. The main challenge was to uphold the tagline which eventually required creativity and innovation in their marketing campaigns.
  • At first the task given to us was of creating social media post designs. The content was provided from their side and it was quite a creative one. Accordingly, we had to be creative in our designs to match their content inventiveness.
  • Regularly the school held open houses and project exhibitions where they invited existing enrolled parents and prospective parents. Handling the social media promotions and prints were handed over to us for these events. The design to be hoarded there was also a task for us as it ought to be an innovative one.
  • The school holds an annual festival i.e. Gurgaon Children Literature Festival (GCLF). This work was allotted to another organization but was then partially entrusted to us.  

  • Before creating the content through the school we briefed them about the designs, the expression, and the brand language. We were only allowed to use a single color and white space. The single color is red which is the warmest color in the color palette. Saarthi's team handled it dedicatedly because red is quite loud and is not an easily receptive color. 
  • We were able to sustain and consistently maintain their tagline as we kept creativity and innovation in our approach.
  • Our associates designed the project exhibition space, a 16-20 page brochure, and the approaches were illustrative with a bundle of symbolic illustrations. 
  • Gurgaon Children Literature Festival’s storytelling session standees were designed by us. As the festival’s language was already defined we adapted to it and accordingly designed the social media creatives, posters, and standees along with an illustrative space design.

Initially, we started to work with the school to create social media creatives they were contented with our work and this was reflected as they entrusted us with tasks like website design, space design for their Gurgaon Children Literature Festival, Brochure designing, project exhibitions, and open houses design. In this way, we were able to validate their tagline “the most innovative school in Gurgaon” through our quirky and desirable approach to designs. The client was highly convinced by our work and was extremely delighted.    

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