The Kunskapsskolan schools are among the leading schools in Sweden. Currently, they are operational across Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, India, the United States, and the Middle East. The schools follow the curriculum of each country and grade student performance according to national standards. Kunskapsskolan’s organization places a strong emphasis on pedagogical and conceptual development that involves both the teachers in schools and resources in centers of excellence.

Kunskapsskolan School was brought to India by Mr. Kunal Bhadoo. He is a well-known educationist. Presently, Kunskapsskolan School is operating two schools in Gurgaon, Haryana, one in Lucknow, and another one in Bengaluru under Kunskapsskolan Eduventures – a joint venture between Kunskapsskolan Education and Gyandarshan Eduventures. Kunskapsskolan Haryana adheres to CBSE school norms and curriculum. The school started its first batch in the year 2012. This school comprises distinctive features that make it unique as compared to other schools. These features include personalized learning, teacher-student ratio, and diverse students from all over the sphere.

  • To begin with, the challenge faced by School Saarthi was that Kunskapsskolan has a Swedish approach and revolutionary learning which contrasted with the Indian system of education. The ideas and teaching methodologies were contemporary and experimental. It was something new for the Indian audience. It imposed a challenge to connect to the audience and challenge the years-old education system of India. The school has a portal named KED where the entire syllabus is available online. Therefore, the ultimate target was to avail online digitalized study material and get the audience connected and get them used to it. 
  • Another confrontation was the photo shoot for marketing purposes as the school building was under construction, and enrollments were not there so the absence of students for the photoshoot. Accordingly, a photo shoot at the moment was not possible.   

  • The first job we took in hand was to digitalize the study material. To fulfill this purpose, our creative minds underwent close scrutiny of the academic curriculum from nursery to 12th. The segregation process took place, which one to be digitalized and for this purpose, consistent back-and-forth meetings were held with the teaching personnel for about 10-12 months. The teaching staff finally developed the content, creation of hand-made illustrations by our team took place in order to upload the study material on the KED portal.     
  • As the building was not ready and was still under construction. We tried to recreate and rent a school building in Faridabad using its classrooms, grounds, and other activity areas. Children of all age groups were auditioned and curated for marketing purposes. Saarthi associates opted for an innovative and disruptive storytelling approach. Fabricating a story of challenging an ongoing 100+ years old Indian education system and accordingly, video shooting and the market launch were done.
  • We also did the school’s space design and social media creatives with our extreme artistry.


Working on this project resulted in innovative and attention-seeking marketing. The clients were highly confident with our concept of storytelling of the brand. We successfully created a distinct and unique brand position and made the school a loved brand by the audience. Space- design and social media creatives received quite a lot of applause and acknowledgment. We succeeded in upholding the quirky features of the school i.e. personalized learning, teacher-student ratio, and innovative approach in education through the path of victorious marketing.  

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