The Magic Tree is a place where children and parents both have a quality time cherishing childhood and parenting based in Noida run by Ms. Shalini Bansal. Back in time, She was working as a storyteller in the US, and when she came back to India she started this utopian place named “Under the Magic Tree” prior to the name “The Magic Tree”. The Magic Tree offers learning programs inclined towards developing motor skills and life skills. They also conduct various workshops and activities that fulfill requirements for brain development, build early learning skills, and nourish physical strengthening. They offer a variety of packages which include 2-3 days of workshops and 4-8 weeks of programs. Apart from all these they also managed to conduct several workshops at a number of schools.   

Ms. Bansal happens to be a storyteller at KukDuKoo Lit Fest where she got introduced to team School Saarthi and was swayed by our work at KukDuKoo Lit Fest and got in touch with our associates.

After a few sessions on call, an in-office meeting with Ms. Bansal took place where she explained all the requirements her brand needed. Our team didn’t face any kind of big challenge, the challenges were quite easy task to tackle:

  • First and foremost we felt the need for a logo, brand identity, website, social media handles, and a new name as the present name was long. We had limitations and hurdles in terms of design as the design was stagnant as it was bounded and could not add something out of the box as the name suggests the involvement of a tree. 
  • She was open to new names but expected that they would be convincing ones. 
  • Ms. Bansal has been to KukDuKoo Lit Fest and has already had an enchanting experience and had high hopes and expectations from School Saarthi. 

  • In the first instance, before hitting the design board our bunch underwent a sequence of explorations and presented around 10-15 options for names. But the client was already very much convinced and confident with the name “Under the Magic Tree”. Instead, we suggested keeping “The Magic Tree” as the new brand name as the previous name was prolonged for a brand name and she agreed to the new name proposed. 
  • Our Saarthi team toured many design ideas that were best suitable for kids’ fantasy stories. We took our inspiration in terms of designs from kid-domain fantasy stories like Alice in Wonderland, and Harry Potter. Our approach was more intended towards fantasy as the name imparted a vision of magic. The client was very much persuaded by our work.    
  • Social media accounts were also handled with cool color schemes, and cute and adorable shapes and stars, and the same approach was taken for the website to suggest the brand’s playful and joyous nature.  

Our efforts were highly regarded. At first, footfall was not much around 4-5 children and parents visited but with time it increased in number. During the pandemic, “The Magic Tree” faced a decline though they held a series of online sessions this helped quite a lot in the post-pandemic period. After the Pandemic, there was an ultimate increase in terms of walk-ins and the brand was running at full capacity, and it's true till now. At present, without a doubt, they are doing really well and we hope they reach the heights as the days pass by.   

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