Peacock Scholarship

Saraswati Global School is located at Sec-105 Tigaon Road, Faridabad on the outskirts of the city. It is run by Maheshwari Shiksha Samiti. It primarily upholds the core Indian values. Peacock Scholarship was a thoughtful idea presented by them to exceptionally good learners. Under this scholarship, the selected ones got concessions in admission from classes 6th to 12th. They also provide upto 100% scholarship. This scholarship started in the year 2020.

  • Saraswati Global school at that time was a newly built school. In order to promote it, a sub-brand was required but the challenge was that they didn’t have any kind of sub-brand. For a successful marketing practice, the sub-brand was the need of the hour. So, our folks used scholarships as a sub-brand. 

  • Another challenge was the name of the scholarship. The school simply held on to the name Saraswati Global School Scholarship which was very mainstream. We wanted a name that held their motto i.e. “Indian values and global outlook” and also wanted to impart their core values which were more towards Indianised versions. So, the challenge was we could not keep the name after any personality or any kind of international origin name. We had to stick to their school values.    

  • Team Saarthi did research on Goddess Saraswati as derived from the name of the school and found out that Goddess Saraswati's carrier is a peacock. By sticking to this name all things fell into the same family the school name and the scholarship name. Peacock reflected their core values and Indianised preachings. Initially, they were reluctant but over the period, it became effective. Till today we search such names for other schools as it was such a unique approach.   
  • Saarthi created a sub-brand identity and logo for the scholarship with a color scheme and fonts revised and taken from Saraswati Global School to suggest the same family and same sentiment.
  • We put hoardings. It was one of a kind in the town that a school created a scholarship as a sub-brand for branding. This was cordially welcomed by the burg and became the talk of the town. It also resulted in an impactful branding of Saraswati Global School.     


The Peacock scholarship received great approval from the audience and it was quite a wide acceptance by the town. Around 93 participants were there in the inauguration year and appeared for the scholarship merit test out of which a few got selected and eventually leading to their enrollment. As of now, the scholarship test has become an annual event. Our client is highly contented and delighted by our efforts. During admission season, the Peacock Scholarship gives a great opportunity for marketing of Saraswati Global School.  

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