Decodr Technologies founded back in 2019 offers programs in data science & emerging technologies to help learners. It is an ed-tech company similar to BYJU’s, Unacademy, Udemy, Coursera, etc. They are into modern tech and their domain offers seven to eight dimensions, including data science, artificial intelligence, machine Learning, Big Data, Business Analytics, etc. They started their journey at the time of the onset of COVID-19, it was the time when the nationwide lockdown was imposed. But during hardships also taught around 2000+ students. 

  • In the course of the lockdown, they had begun their journey as a startup so they didn’t want much to spend on branding and made their logo on their own. With the gradual termination of the lockdown, they contacted us for logo design and branding. The challenge here was that they beforehand had reached around 4-5 lakhs of people with the previous logo and people had started associating well with the organization logo which was an established logo. Therefore in designing the new logo, we considered the previous one and it demanded keeping the new logo minimalistic. It set a limit for us as our creative team had to keep the logo a minimalist one. 
  • Another challenge the Saarthi team took was that in the design we wanted to incorporate the brand name and its sentiments. As a prolific team, the logo was developed in order to impart the brand name and its sentiments.

After a sequence of brainstorming sessions and research on what other industries of a similar domain are into and explored a number of designs:

  • Our corps finalized the design of a lock as suggested by the name “Decodr” with the lock slightly opened. Initially, the ‘o’ ‘d’ was treated as the lock. Somehow it did not have any kind of quirky aspect to it. It was compromising the ease of readability and visual identity. Afterward, we switched to keeping the first ‘d’ in the “Decodr” as the lock, and to our surprise, it accurately upholds the brand’s perspective and name.
  • All of us concluded that the neon blue color is the brand color. It suggests that this brand belongs to technology, IT, and digital media.
  • Saarthi associates held discussions and decided to give a brand line to “Decodr”. So that the audience can be aware of what the brand wants to be set forth and which kind of services they will be providing. Eventually, We came up with the brand line “Unlock Careers in Modern Tech”. We deliberately and mindfully kept the modern in front of tech to impart that the courses provided by Decodr are more inclined towards modern technology courses to name a few like Data Science, Digital HR, Cyber security, and Cloud computing sources. These brand lines served the purpose.    

The brand already had a solid footing in its domain which includes its exceptional presence on platforms like LinkedIn. In the first instance, we worried about the upcoming of the new logo but the remark of our client that it had made their small business a tough competitor with similar high-profile businesses like BYJU’S, Unacademy, Udemy, Coursera, etc was an achievement for Saarthi Team. As weeks passed by our efforts were showing results that were overwhelming. “Decodr” brand was marking its presence on the webspace and though it was a small business it appeared to be a huge appealing business. Their social media handles and pages gained great engagement and were highly acknowledged.    

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