Goonj is an annual event in alliance with Grand Columbus International School. Earlier, the name Goonj was known by the name “AD Memorial Trophy”. AD represents the name of the Founder Mr. Suresh Chander’s mother Ms. Angori Devi and commemorates her and held debate competition events. But after the naming of the “AD Memorial Trophy” to “Goonj”, they began to inculcate various activities in the event and accommodated the trophy named “AD Memorial Trophy”. This is the biggest festival for Grand Columbus International School which involved cultural activities, a singing competition, a dance competition, stand-up comedy, tech and science competitions, and a number of activities for all age groups. From all over Delhi NCR i.e. Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, and Delhi participate in this huge event. 

In the year 2022, the client discussed Goonj and we suggested a few ideas resulting in this job being handed over to the Saarthi team. 

  • When our team was invited we wanted to use Goonj as a marketing and branding tool for the school as it will be reaching the crowd of Delhi NCR. But at the same didn't want to present it as a marketing event. 
  • We ought to treat this event so that Grand Columbus International School doesn’t overshadow the individuality of this event. Just wanted to suggest the association of Grand Columbus International School with that of Goonj.
  • As we had decided to use Goonj as a branding and marketing tool for Grand Columbus and this required a packaging-like distinct brand identity that includes a color scheme and logo other than this a separate social media handle. This all was required to create a discrete audience other than the students and parents.
  • Overall brand designing, social media creatives, print designs, space designing, and communications with other schools were the tasks assigned to Team Saarthi.
  • The name was in place. Our first job in hand was designing the logo and brand identity. We decided to keep the design jolly, high-spirited, and vibrant. To achieve these qualities in our designs we inspected a series of designs that were more inclined toward rhythmic designs, colorful, and full of energy.
  • Our creative team did the task of space designing and designing backdrops. While designing we kept the branding of Goonj loud while the branding of Grand Columbus International School was a subtle one.  
  • Placed fun-loving and light-mood quirky creatives, prepared a string of contents for the grand event Goonj, and developed various copies.
  • We focused on maintaining the peculiarity of Goonj. Therefore, created separate Instagram and Facebook pages and maintained a strong identity on the platforms. In the process, our crew not only interacted with the leadership but also engaged with everyone whether it was the school staff, teachers, management staff, and housekeeping staff. Hence, as a team, we worked on this project. 

Our work came out splendidly. Around 2500+ students from approx 50+ schools participated in the grand event Goonj and we had a triumph. When our team spoke to a few participating schools they remarked that they have never attended and experienced such a magnificent event within a school. The client along with the visiting schools really admired the space design, backdrops, and canopies placed here and there and the quirky copies we made. Not just from the principal, our work got consideration from the entire teaching personnel and staff. This was the first year of Goonj and our bunch was able to create a separate brand identity and fan base in association with Grand Columbus International School. Looking forward, to the coming years this event will bloom with utmost grace and success. 

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