KukDuKoo Lit Fest is kid kid-based domain festival. As the name suggests it involves literature but not only literature it includes fun activities for kids, storytelling sessions, music sessions, solo plays, mono plays, food stalls, DIYs, art and craft activities, and joyous performances acting as a cherry on top. This fest was not only attracting kids but was also embraced by the parents. It was not just a fest but was more of an outing. In 2019, it started back in Noida and later moved to Delhi, and Gurgaon, and in the coming years will move on to Pune, Bangalore, Jaipur, and Chandigarh and slowly spread PAN India. There are many fests conducted by competitors in the kids' domain for example Gurgaon Children Festival, Vizag Children Festival, Bookaroo Festival of children's Literature, Bath Children’s Literature Festival, Kathavana, etc. So in the market with so many competitors, in order to mark its presence they contacted our associates. 

  • Most of our designs were not extended to a limited idea. But here because of the name we had to limit ourselves as the name suggests “KukDuKoo” is the sound of a cock. So we had to design the logo considering a cock, chick, chicken, hen, or rooster. But generalized logos related to children's domain is more of toys, schools, etc. 
  • We took the challenge of brand colors. As a kid-based brand people think more of colors but we believe that “when you say a lot of things, you don’t say anything”. Keeping this in mind, we had to limit the brand colors.
  • Initially, we explored the chicken family, the juvenile stage of chicken because we were catering to the kids, and chicks are easily recognizable to kids. We explored a variety of illustrations from realistic to cartoonish ones. Many were satisfactory but didn’t have the X-factor. 
  • We decided to cross the age barrier and settled to keep the logo of a rooster which was not of juvenile but more of an adult form in terms of age and size.
  • Team Saarthi now went to finalize the brand colors and presented a few brand colors to the client. First, exploring colors we forwarded some color spectrum along with black. However, the Saarthi team revised and concluded to keep black as the brand color. This was a call to action as black indicated two dimensions, the negative and dark side and/or secondly a bold, strong, and professional version. We wanted to represent the second dimension and clinched to the color and were reluctant to change it but were in doubt and knew beforehand that the client would not be satisfied and as anticipated they were not happy with the brand color of black. At first, the client was reluctant to make black the brand color. Our coordinates tried to convince and inspire but they were partially convinced and suggested adding a few more colors to it like red, green, purple, etc. Later on, the client was assured that black is a strong color and we secured it as the brand color.  
  • Our bunch decided to use the logo as the mascot as the chicken itself is a personality of abundance and prosperity. 

Brand colors and brand logo were very well received by the audience during its launch in 2019. After 2-3 weeks of aggressive marketing, no one questioned the black color and was marking its presence in the marketing world. Even ran contests for naming the rooster and it became an apple of the eye for the audience and many participated in the contests. Our client finalized the name for the rooster. This resulted in a vigorously increased number of engagements. “KukDuKoo” became a household name for kids wherever they saw T-shirts and posters with the KukDuKoo logo they yelled, “WOW! KukDuKoo”. In this way, it became a strong brand and now people were able to relate to it. People started engaging with the mascots by taking selfies, pictures, etc. All in all, it was an applauding result. It would be an understatement to say that KukDuKoo is among the best in this domain rather they are the best in their domain. But, we want to keep it as an understatement. Now, the KuKDuKoo team is broadening itself.

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