27 January 2023 / School Marketing / Saumya Saxena
Good marketing happens when a School branding creates the value

Recognize the subtle differences between selling and marketing. Marketing means introducing a product, and selling means promoting it for purchase. Schools frequently need to pay more attention to the purpose of marketing. During their admission season, which runs from November to March, they begin to promote their product, which is to begin to advertise their school, and they anticipate student enrollments. They only use their resources at this year's season, and the rest of the year feel this expenditure is an improvident thing. However, they fail to see that this is not the best method to plan for enrollment growth. The best course of action is to develop, produce, and promotional material for the school's marketing throughout the whole year, not just during the admissions season. Additionally, the school can host carnivals, interschool competitions, open houses, cultural events, and other activities and advertise them as marketing tools. To draw in more than just kids or parents. In this manner, year-round persistent efforts will pay off during the selling season, which is admission season.

We work with schools to create a custom website while working with parents to plan and schedule their school photography. We have years of experience working with schools to get unique images that are fun and help promote your school more professionally. Our team has worked with many districts, feeding them images for branding materials, print ads, and website development. Our School Photography and Videography service is dedicated to capturing your school year in a way that will improve your brand and communicate the spirit of your school.

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