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Who We Are

From the outside, schools appear to be the same since all of them have the same task of educating, but their business challenges are internal. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to schools since every institution has a unique set of challenges that require customised solutions. Understanding that every school is distinctive, School Saarthi delves deep into its history to comprehend the philosophy and services provided by the institution before making marketing and branding recommendations. By offering schools customised and tailored solutions to help them in the long run, School Saarthi achieves this. We always hope to continue working with schools for a longer time frame to find lasting solutions. Due to the fact that we assist schools with strategy and marketing, schools choose to work with us. However, because we uphold our own fundamental principles and philosophies, we often become selective about the schools with whom we will work. For some schools, we bring admission enquiries to their counsellor; for a few, we manage their Insta, Facebook and Youtube accounts. Some clients call us to design new brands, and for a few, We’re their +1 team. We often design school websites, prospectuses, brochures and newspaper ads.



Priyanka B Kasana

Founder + Design Head


Creative Director + School Marketing Consultant

Lisa Singh

Production Manager + Client Servicing

Ankit Nagar

Video Editor + Graphic Designer

Neha Aggarwal

Creative Lead

Inder Chugh

Digital Marketer

Komal Bhati

Graphic Designer

Piyush Kumar Singh

Graphic Designer


Tea & Coffee Minister

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