Saraswati Global School, Faridabad

Saraswati Global School is located at Sec-105 Tigaon Road, Faridabad on the outskirts of the city. It is run by Maheshwari Shiksha Samiti and is active for the last 40 years imparting knowledge and education. Maheshwari Shiksha Samiti started its journey by opening the Saraswati Shishu Sadan which is affiliated with Haryana Board and is very known for its Education.  With the onset of the successors, the technology era demanded a new age of school which resulted in the amendment of the Haryana Board to the CBSE Board. Away from Tigaon, this new era led to the construction of the world school, Saraswati Global School which was an initiative by their heir, wanted to take along the Indian values. Therefore, their core values are Indian values and Global outlook.

After the consistent visits and burning of night oil lamps by our agency we observed the following challenge:

  • The location was the foremost challenge as the school is near the rural area and it's quite the outskirts of the urban area which makes it a little away from the urban society. 

  • This distance and location were not preferred by the parents of the urban area.

  • As they conceptualized the school as new-age school they preferred more students from urban backgrounds along with rural area students. So, at last, we concluded that the complication was in terms of location as urban-based parents might be reluctant to send their kids to a school near a rural area.

With keen observations through visits to the school and a vision in mind to make high-notch branding, our creative mind suggested the following solutions: 


  • We proposed branding to be a premium one that will gradually attract the urban-based students and the creamy layer of the rural area. This premium branding will make the school a strong competitor among urban-based schools.

  • Visual brand identities like the logo were kept detailed and brand color was preferred to be kept in the shade of purple. All these choices were made to give a touch of premium and luxury branding. 

  • Convent culture was promoted. For the promotion, we suggested opening an English language lab in order to convey the modern culture practiced in the school.

  • We put forward an event that invited American storyteller Mr.Walter Chong to reflect the global perspective and convent culture desired by the school to impart.

  • New brand identity was launched in an aggressive manner and we maintained brand consistency.

  • Paid ad campaigns were led.

The efforts made by our team were highly acclaimed and cheered upon. The school received more inquiries and enrollments from the urban areas. The Events put forward by School Saarthi were implied and the events received a great audience number from both urban and rural areas. Admission campaigns received an increase in footfall and urban-based students gradually had an escalation in terms of admission to the school. Also, the brand identities had a huge impact on this increased admissions as the logos, colors, fonts were associated with modernity cum ethnicity resulting in conveying the school values precisely. Several parents even remarked that they were not aware of such a highly facilitated and new-age school at this type of location. Not just parents and students, the school gained inquiries from highly qualified teachers, highly trained staff, and management teams.

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