09 November 2023 / School Marketing / Team Saarthi
What makes admission marketing a must-have strategy for every school?

Creating a referral program can help get some new admission for your school but you need to do more to run your educational institution with its full strength. So, what can you do to boost the strength of your school? The answer is to start admission marketing for school.

What is admission marketing?

It isn’t a new concept but you could be new to it. Lead marketing is a broad term used for various strategies to reach out to parents and students. It involves running Google Ads, email marketing, WhatsApp marketing, and leveraging offline marketing channels like newspaper ads, billboards, and theater ads. 

How is admission marketing different from lead generation?

Primarily both the concepts look similar because both have similar objectives and similar strategies are employed to achieve the objective. The difference lies in their approach. When doing admission marketing, you focus only on parents and students. Also, you highlight the strength of your school and educate targeted audiences about the advantages of your educational institution.

How effective admission marketing is for educational institutions?

The biggest advantage of admission marketing for school is it takes a direct approach. Here you go to the potential clients instead of waiting for parents and students to see your advertisement. Here you educate people about the quality of education you offer. Here you answer common questions about your school system to encourage people to know more about your school. 

Is admission marketing expensive?

You need to spend some money on Google Ads, email marketing, and offline ads. But you have the option to create a budget to keep things simple and affordable. You should join hands with a leading digital marketer with rich experience in lead marketing for educational institutions. Also, if you compare the advantages of lead marketing with other strategies, you will find it more effective and profitable.

What is the guarantee of success of lead marketing?

Lead marketing will only boost your chances of getting more admissions. It will highlight the presence of your school so the targeted parents and students can notice your school and consider it as an option while looking for school admissions. 

What do I need for lead marketing for my school?

You need the best website design for school to start lead marketing. All leads will be directed to your website and if the site has lags or is unresponsive, it will turn the leads away. 

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